The demands on the insurance industry are critical in today’s market.  Technological advancements, collaborative market conduct efforts and the constantly changing regulatory environment create an unprecedented strain on Actuarial, Product Development and State Filing Departments.

The varied and demanding workload can slow down everything from complex to even the most basic compliance efforts.

Founded in 1988, Coulter offers a powerful solution:

Coulter & Associates understands the challenges you face and can help you navigate the complexities of taking your product from concept development to final structure, through the approval process and into the marketplace.

Our expert staff includes attorneys, as well as product specialists, with decades of insurance industry experience. We have experience in all product lines with a proven track record of success. We know what it takes to develop a product and get it to market, and we can help you take the smoothest route to your end goal. We can also help you obtain the critical intelligence needed to develop smart business strategies.  

We Assist Firms of All Sizes To:

  • Ensure your products meet all applicable insurance compliance requirements
  • Bring new product offerings to market and price them at an appropriate rate level
  • Prepare state filings and obtain timely approvals
  • Develop marketing strategies for new insurance and financial products
  • Build actuarial models to support feasibility decisions
  • Save you time, money and frustration while at the same time improving your bottom line.